Accidentally Ate Wax Paper Cheese – What to Do!

Like paper, wax paper is edible too. The paper is safe to eat, it will not cause any harm. This is because the paper is made of food-grade material and is therefore not poisonous.

There is absolutely nothing toxic in wax paper. When ingested, it travels down to your stomach where it begins to break down. After which, it makes its way to your intestines and passes in a day or two. If it’s a relatively small amount, you won’t even notice it.

So, have some water to quicken the process. It’s just extra fiber for your anus to pass out. That’s all.

Can You Die from Accidentally Eating Wax Paper?

If you mean small amounts of it, then that wouldn’t hurt. But if you eat a few dozen rolls of it, then refuse to visit the hospital when you begin to experience excruciating stomach pains. Otherwise, you’ll be fine.

Nothing in the wax paper is harmful. There’s a chance that once ingested, it won’t break down in your stomach and will instead, wad up, travel through the intestines, and pass in a day or two. If it’s a relatively small amount, you may not notice it at all.

The only scenario where eating wax paper is considered dangerous is if you eat so much that it formed a ball in your stomach that wouldn’t pass through your intestines.

In which case that would be pretty much impossible to do accidentally.

If you’ve been consuming large amounts of paper intentionally then you’re putting your life at risk. If that happens, the ball will lodge in your guts and keep things from moving through, but if that happened, you’d know and feel it.

Yes, you’d be suffering from high amounts of pain for quite some time before it kills you.

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accidentally ate wax paper cheese

In most cases, people only eat non-food items when they have a mental condition that causes them to do so compulsively. There are very few things you could eat accidentally that would block your intestines.

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