[My Story] Best Water Filter Pitchers that Remove PFAS

One water filter pitcher that removes pfas is Epic Pure Water Filter Pitchers for Drinking Water.

The 10 Cup 150 Gallon Long Last Filter, Tritan BPA Free, Removes Fluoride, Chlorine, Lead, PFAS, PFOA.

Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher Review

In order to avoid installing an under-sink system, I searched for a long time for a filter that would first remove fluoride and then as many pollutants as it could.

Everything I was looking for is here, and more. The list of toxins and impurities that it filters out is astounding and astonishing, according to their website. The pitcher has a solid and lovely design.

My water has a fresh taste! The built-in countdown that alerts you when it’s time to switch filters is a major plus. I could never recall when I had last changed the filter in a pitcher from a different brand.

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My Experience

Since our water smells so strongly of chemicals, I’d been searching for a water filter for a long time. I must admit that the variety of options was confusing me, but I finally decided on the Epic because it is BPA-free and seems to filter out more than other filters. I was wary, especially considering how much it costs, but I loved that the filters stay for a while.

It was quite simple to set up—all you had to do was fill and filter it twice. I was surprised to discover that the filtered water had no smell at all and tastes excellent because I had anticipated that I would still detect a tiny chemical scent in it. Since the dogs reject our tap water, I even use it for their water because I adore it!

The jug’s size is the one drawback, as my standard-sized refrigerator door cannot accommodate it. I thought about removing a shelf and placing it inside, but I need the room. As a result, I store the filtered water in glass bottles, which is preferable because glass is healthier and enhances the flavor of the water.

The digital reminder on the lid is also incredibly helpful, by the way. The jug is all I’ve had for a month, but I adore it.

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