[My Story] Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher Review

Before we begin our Clearly Filtered review, it is important to note that this product is intended for those who are really concerned about the flavor and purity of their drinking water. It is our top choice for the filtering of tap water and adequately disinfected well water because it removes more impurities than any other water filter pitcher on the market right now. Have you been paying attention? There’s more, though…

First off, if you’re one of those oddballs that don’t believe that water tastes different, you should get this and find out! I can’t stress enough how great tasting this water is. Even my children are starting to drink more water these days. The business offers excellent customer service! My primer bag was torn, so I sent an email, and not even 15 minutes later, I had a response and word that a replacement had been sent! AMAZINGGGGG!

Clearly Filtered Pitcher – Key Features

Safe, clear, and crisp water like you’ve never tasted it before is available from the Clearly Filtered pitcher. Sounds a little over the top? We are aware of the truth, nevertheless. The fact that the pitcher is the only model that has been independently tested to 5 separate NSF standards—42, 53, 244, 401, and 473—sets it apart from the competition.

In other words, the best-filtered water quality is assured by efficient pollutant removal. What will be taken away? Totaling over 365 impurities, including:

  • (99.5%) Chlorine
  • (99.7%) Chloramine
  • (99.5%) Fluoride
  • Cryptosporidium (99.99%), E. coli (99.99%), and other diseases
  • Lead (99.3%), chromium-6 (97.8%), arsenic (98.3%), and other heavy metals
  • Approximately 20 pharmaceuticals (99.9%)
  • 10 herbicides (effective to 99.9%)
  • There are many pesticides (up to 99.9%)
  • a large number of contaminants, including nitrate (99%), BPA, and PFOA
  • More than 100 volatile chemical compounds and semi-volatile substances, 99.9% of which are present.

Please be aware that this is just an extract. Check out the performance statistics for the Clearly Filtered water pitcher filter here for more details.

By the way, the so-called “Affinity Filtration Technology,” which combines granular activated carbon with a number of other exclusive filtration materials, is what allows for these results.

Unfortunately, Clearly Filtered won’t say exactly what is in their filters, but they guarantee that nothing will leak into your water. We also know that it isn’t activated alumina or bone char.

Clearly Filtered Pitcher Pros

There are a few additional features of the Clearly Filtered pitcher that we like in addition to its outstanding filtration—the pitcher’s most crucial quality, of course.

It’s made in the USA, for starters.

Additionally, a filter typically lasts 100 gallons or 4 months. That is not only practical, but it also offers a lot more than other well-known filter pitchers on the market. Additionally, the Clearly Filtered contains the typical 80 ounces (10 cups), which is currently enough water for a household. You won’t ever run out of water if you remember to routinely replenish the higher reservoir. Speaking of replenishing, the unit is quite simple to operate because to the removable cover.

Thirdly, all pouring issues have been rectified with the updated pitcher version. While you pour the clean water, a water dam prevents the unfiltered water from leaking out. Granted, if the top reservoir is completely full, you still can’t pour, but around half-full or less works just fine.

We also appreciate that, according to the manufacturer, the bulk, if not all, of the beneficial minerals are preserved in the water, increasing your daily nutrient intake. Additionally, the pitcher is composed of BPA-free Tritan plastic of medical-grade quality.

Last but not least, the satisfaction guarantee entitles you to a complete refund, no questions asked, if you’re unsatisfied within the first 30 days of your purchase. Additionally, Clearly Filtered will replace your pitcher for free if it ever breaks (not in case of improper use). Pitcher #LifetimeWarranty Clearly Filtered

The Pitcher With Clear Filters

  • Setup

Not much else needs to be said. The Assembly of the pitcher is incredibly simple (we tested this ourselves). It only takes a few seconds. Just keep in mind to prime every fresh filter cartridge. A flushing disk is included with the set. The filters can soak overnight if the disk doesn’t work with your faucet, which should solve the problem.

We would elaborate further on the priming procedure, but Clearly Filtered has a useful video explanation on the subject:

  • Maintenance

One filter cartridge has a capacity of 100 gallons and has a 4-month average filter life. A single filter may last up to 6 months for moderate water use, while bigger families may require replacements every 2 months. In brief, it depends on how much water you use each day.

The cost is very expensive on an annual basis. The cost of a filter is $50. However, you can save up to $9.50 per piece if you buy in bulk and/or sign up to have replacement filters automatically sent to your location on a regular basis.

Attempt to keep the pitcher out of the sun and away from heat sources aside from that (heat contributes to algae growth). To avoid algae, you should also follow the standard cleaning method. Usually, warm, soapy water does the work.

  • Manual

We apologize, but there isn’t a handbook online.

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Cons of Clearly Filtered Pitcher

It costs money to purchase a Clearly Filtered water pitcher. It’s actually one of the most expensive products on the market. As we previously mentioned, replacing filters is also not exactly inexpensive. In other words, if you don’t consider clean drinking water to be a top concern, you might want to think about a slightly less expensive solution.

Some users complained about slow flow and said their filter didn’t last as long as advertised. To be fair, we didn’t personally experience this. Our tap water is already rather pristine, though.

Furthermore, keep in mind that a longer contact time was a consideration in the design of the Clearly Filtered. Consequently, the composite shell filter layer purposefully slows the water flow to promote greater chemical absorption. The seller is willing to provide free replacement filters if you believe the first one is damaged, which is wonderful news.

When you conduct web research, you may also come across issues like:

  • We can’t really understand why the initial priming would be a problem if you couldn’t attach the flushing disk to your faucet after doing the flushing ourselves. The component that attaches to your faucet is made of flexible rubber. Even if a solid connection cannot be made, all that is required is a respectable flow through the filter. If it doesn’t work, just let the filter soak for 12 to 24 hours, and you’ll be good to go.
  • Another issue that we haven’t personally encountered yet but that supposedly exists is a leaking filter. Reinstall the filter cartridge and check that the O-ring is correctly seated, as advised.
  • Lid slips off when pouring Just hold it in place with your thumb or other hands.

Review of the Clearly Filtered Pitcher: Our Opinion and the Best for

There is no denying that the Clearly Filtered water filter pitcher is currently the greatest product available in terms of water purity.

It is perfect for those who are concerned about the quality of their drinking water, want it to be as healthy as possible, and are willing to invest a little bit extra money. Our go-to water filter pitcher is the Clearly Filtered. 5 stars!

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