Do Pur Filters Remove PFAS? [FIND OUT]

Pur water filters work well to get rid of chlorine and other things that make water taste bad. But they aren’t made to get rid of PFAS or even cut down on how much is in your tap water.

Are there water filters that remove PFAS?

Since PFAS contamination is a fairly new problem, none of the common filters sold in stores have been tested or certified to remove PFAS. PFAS testing is not done on simple carbon filters like Brita and Pur. Even very high-tech filters like those made by ZeroWater can’t get rid of PFAS.

Some reverse osmosis systems may get rid of PFAS, but this depends on the system and most haven’t been tested for this yet.

There is a way to filter out PFAS, and we are proud to say that our Clearly Filtered Affinity Technology can get rid of up to 99.8% of PFAS contaminants.

Can I check for PFAS in my tap water?

Yes, you can hire a lab that is qualified to test your water. You can also take a sample of the water yourself and send it to a lab, but it’s not easy to do. Cross-contamination is a big worry because these chemicals have been used in so many different consumer products.

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If PFAS are found in my area, will my water bill go up?

It could happen. Even though the state of California just started testing for PFAS, there are already examples of water districts spending money to build new treatment facilities or buy clean water from somewhere else to replace wells that had to be shut down.

Officials in Orange County have warned that residents’ water bills could go up by up to 15% if the chemicals get into the groundwater basin.

But because testing is still going on, it’s not clear how big the cleanup will be or how much it will cost. California is still trying to figure out how big the problem really is.

As more tests are done, state officials are likely to focus on the chemical companies and military branches that put PFAS into the environment. In the end, the question of “who pays?” may be one for the courts to answer.

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