Why Does Glaceau Vitamin Water have Electrolytes? [Myth Busted!]

Gatorade and Glaceau vitamins both include electrolytes, although the amount and type vary with the drink and the variety you choose.

I drink a lot of water, but occasionally I still feel tired or dehydrated. I’ve read that vitamin water both replenishes your body’s vitamins and prevents dehydration.

As a result of taking a water pill, I also get potassium, which helps me a lot with my nighttime leg cramps. Great for you, but check the sugar content and just consume a small amount. Mango has the nicest taste in my opinion. It doesn’t taste medicinal at all!

I used to consume this substance frequently as a child. It was among my favorite beverages. Then, when they stopped stocking it at our neighborhood convenience shop, I totally forgot about it.

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I was delighted to learn that you could purchase a whole case of it here on Amazon for a reasonable price after spending a considerable amount of time trying to find what it was called.

The fact that it’s the sugar-free version, though, is something I’m quite sure this page doesn’t mention. This has a slightly terrible flavor. It’s still a decent drink, but I really would have preferred the sugar version, you know?

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