Does Nuwave Air Fryer Have Teflon? [Myth Busted]

Teflon and PFOA are absent from the NuWave Brio 3 Qt. Air Fryer. The Fry Pan Basket has a nonstick coating without PFOA and is composed of stainless steel.

The Base Tray and Brio Basket are made of metal with a non-stick finish. PTFE and PFOA are not used in the nonstick coating.

The NuWave 14 QT Brio does not require you to turn the food while it is cooking. A one-year guarantee is included with the NuWave 6 QT Brio.

Don’t be surprised if you smell a new appliance after using it for the first time; this is typical of new electrical products. We advise carefully washing all components and accessories. It can take a few usages, but the fresh-appliance smell will eventually go. If you require any extra help, please call customer support at 888-502-7807. Return it and exchange it for a new one if it continues. I have two of these and use both of them frequently without experiencing any problems. Much better than my first GoWise device!

According to the instruction manual, avoid touching hot surfaces and keep objects away from hot gas or electric burners, as well as from heated ovens and stovetops. Hot steam is emitted from the air exit vent during air frying. Keep your hands and face away from the air outlet vent and the steam. Brio should never be placed up against a wall or other equipment.

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The upper side of the Brio, the left/right sides, and the back side should all have at least 3 inches of open space. Never stack anything on top of the Brio. The 14 qt. I have has the following dimensions: 16 1/4″ tall, 13″ broad, and 13 1/4″ deep, plus an additional 1″ handle.

The manufacturer’s recommended clearance is not included in these measurements. Hope this was of use.

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