Now, Does The Ninja Air Fryer Have Teflon? Find Out!

I was thinking about getting an air fryer, but now I see that it has a non-stick plate in the bottom. This made me wonder if it was Teflon or perhaps if was that ANY nonstick coating was dangerous for birds.

I’ve read the manual, and it looks like everything is fine. The crisper plate seems to be made of ceramic, and the nonstick basket also seems to be fine. The manual doesn’t say anything about PTFE, but I did some extra research and found online that this model (Air Fryer Max XL) is free of Teflon. It does have a surface that doesn’t stick. It works well and is simple to clean.

So I put it to the test and found out what was really going on!

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Even though the manufacturer says it is “ceramic coating that is PTFE and PFOA free,” the Ninja air fryer has a PTFE nonstick coating.

I wish Ninja would explain this once and for all.

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