So, Does The Ninja Foodi Have Teflon? [Myth Busted]

We bought the Ninja Foodi because it says it doesn’t have PTFE or PFOA. (It says on Amazon and on their site that it doesn’t contain PTFE or PFOA.) According to them, Ceramic, not Teflon, makes up the non-stick coating. We did it because we have parrots too. We have had no problems with it at all. At least in the beginning.

There are six ways to cook with it: Air Broil, Air Fry, Roast, Bake, Reheating, and dehydrate. You can put the crisper plates and baskets on the bottom rack of the dishwasher to clean them. So, if you want the items to last longer, we suggest you wash them by hand.

The Ninja Foodi 6-in-1 2-basket Air Fryer is made with a PTFE (non-stick) coating. Beware. This one isn’t made of ceramic, so it will give off chemicals because it doesn’t stick. It’s too bad that the company doesn’t hold all of its products to the same high standards. Even though they have less space, the Ninja AF101 or 161 are safe.

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Lead, cadmium, BPA, PFOS, and PFOA are no longer in this product. When you cook, you don’t have to use both baskets. With Dual Zone technology, zone 1 can be used to cook while zone 2 is left empty.

I wish Ninja would explain this once and for all. If you look at the different pictures below the description, etc., there’s one that compares 3 or 4 of their air fryers, and under “ceramic coated,” it says “YES” for this air fryer.

But the answer from the manufacturer here on Amazon says “nonstick contains PTEF “ (similar to Teflon and definitely not ceramic coated).

I know that the coating on ceramics is usually a different color.

This unit is covered in a coating that is dark gray, almost black.


You and I need to know the truth without having to find out the hard way (like getting cancer or losing a pet). If we don’t, it’s false advertising, since the Ninja comparison chart, which was made by Ninja, says the product is ceramic coated.

We should be told the truth. This is not true!

Does the Ninja Foodi have Teflon?

It does, yes!

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