So, Does The Powerxl Air Fryer Have Teflon? [See Here]

Yes! Teflon is used to cover the Powerxl Air Fryer. Simple to clean. I soak the whole basket, and then if there are spots that won’t come clean, I sometimes use a sos pad.

Metal is used to make the basket. I assume aluminum. But it has a copper coating that makes it not stick. My fryer makes me very happy.

You can use it at 400 degrees without any trouble. Simple to clean.

I don’t know if they sell a replacement handle, but after four months, the Teflon finish started coming off. I had to pay $40 to send it back and it took a few weeks to get a replacement.

What makes this better than a similar-sized item that costs half as much? I don’t know, but I don’t think you should buy it. I did, and one of the sides that holds it together broke off.

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After stopping to turn the fold as it said to, I had a hard time getting the panel to light up and run again.

I looked into it, and a lot of people are upset about the same thing. It looks like they are aware of this problem, but don’t do anything to fix it. I will never buy this product again because of this. see less

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