Does Wax Paper Have Pfas? [Learn More]

Organic wax paper does not contain pfas or any other toxins. However, we cannot say the same for all the other types of wax papers on the market.

The safety of organic wax paper or food-grade wax-coated paper is one of the reasons we recommend it.

It’s an essential kitchen supply that is important in wrapping fresh goods like cakes, pizza, burgers, etc.

Asides from organic wax paper, food-grade wax paper is non-toxic too, as most producers have understood the situation of accidental ingestion and have taken that into consideration while designing wax paper to cause as little incident as possible if ingested.

However, it might be useful to give you a more in-depth breakdown of wax paper, what it is made out of, what it does, and under what circumstances it might become hazardous if any.

Is Wax Paper Toxic?

Usually, wax paper is coated with two wax types. The first is paraffin, which is a colorless wax that is a byproduct of making petroleum. The second is organic wax, usually harvested from beeswax.

No matter the state of wax – either melted, burned, or run under cold water, wax paper will remain non-toxic. There are plenty of times when it might burn if hot food is wrapped up in it for too long, and the resultant smoke might not be pleasant to inhale, but it is still non-toxic.

Is Wax Paper Edible?

Most wax paper is generally not designed for human consumption. Once consumed, the body will simply not digest it, moving it down to you can pass it out with all the rest of the other waste matter.

If you incidentally consumed a small portion of wax paper by mistake, it might not taste nice, but you won’t suffer any adverse digestive effects or illness.

Now, if a larger amount is consumed then you may need to see a doctor. Although I can bet no harm will come to you but it’s safer to see a health practitioner just to rule out the possibility of any internal damage.

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Will I Die If I Accidentally Eat Wax Paper?

We recommend dialing in for an ambulance if you accidentally consume wax paper.

Yes, wax paper isn’t as sharp as regular paper, and if you swallow a small quantity, the odds of you getting your esophagus cut are almost non-existent.

The composition of wax paper is mostly chemically neutral and specially adapted for cooking. If wax paper was toxic, then some of those toxic properties would transfer to the food that is used to wrap.

What Happens If You Burn Wax Paper?

Burning wax paper will result in smoke, which might not be pleasant to ingest and will cause you to repeatedly cough.

So, if you ever decide to burn one, crack a window open to avoid the fire alarm in your building from being triggered.

Wax paper is non-toxic, and so is the smoke it produces. This means that even if you inhale it, you won’t be poisoning your body with any harmful toxins.

But wax paper is not designed to be used to wrap goods that are still piping hot, or placed in an oven since this can cause the wax paper to melt.

If possible, wait for the food to cool for up to 10 minutes before wrapping it in your wax paper. Usually, we recommend waiting at least 10 minutes before wrapping it in your wax paper.

We understand that presentation is the key to these things and you want to reduce the risk of a melted wax and food lump as much as possible.

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