Is Cuisinart Griddler Pfoa Free? Find Out!

No, it contains PFOA. The product is known as Xylan. It has received FDA approval.

Teflon is used to make the cooking surface. Although it may be BPA-free, as someone once said, it does not guarantee its safety. Teflon is the only material that has The substance, perfluorooctanoic acid, or PFOA, is used to create substances known as fluoropolymers, which are then used to create teflon and other materials, such as carpet, textiles, leather, and paper with water- and oil-repellent coatings.

Some of the compounds can become carcinogenic when cooked at extremely high temperatures and discharged into the air.

Despite this, I frequently use my 5-1 Griddler, taking care to keep the heat settings moderate. We now have yet additional concerns to deal with. The FDA released this more than 14 years ago and has since made no changes.

If you’re referring to PTFE, then no, it is not non-toxic. I had a conversation with a Cuisinart employee. She claimed that there is no PTFE in the plates. She did put me on hold as she checked again.

But after speaking with someone else at the company, she specifically stated, “Made from Die Cast Aluminum with a coating of Xylan,” in response to my question about the materials used to produce the plates. I was initially relieved.

However, Xylan does include PTFE according to what I have now learned through investigation. Whitford’s coatings are branded with the name “Xylan.” This is taken directly from their website: “PTFE, PFA, and FEP are the fluoropolymers used in Xylan® coatings.” Why the Cuisinart representative claimed that the plates were free of PTFE is beyond me. She must have been aware that Xylan contains PTFE, in my opinion.

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Because PTFE (and other coatings manufactured with it) are poisonous to all birds, I am worried about this, and many others are too. They are affected by gases and scents that don’t bother us or other animals because of their very distinct respiratory systems.

The immediate harmful effect occurs. They’ll pass away right away. You are unable to stop it from happening or take your bird to the doctor. Although many experts claim that the substance must reach a specific temperature in order to release dangerous gases, there have been instances where it has occurred at lower temperatures.

I also suffer from a long-term pulmonary condition. Since I have birds, I would not take a chance if it were true that Xylan DOES contain PTFE. It isn’t worthwhile. Furthermore, the harmful effects might affect the birds even while they are not in the kitchen. How you feel about PTFE is up to you if you don’t own any birds.

In order to verify what I read, I got in touch with the business that makes Xylan. I regretfully only learned that Xylan contains PTFE after making this purchase a few days ago. I’ll update my comment if I learn any new information that contradicts what I’ve already said.

If not, rely on what I’ve already written here as the information I have. In conclusion, the plates include Xylan, which DOES contain PTFE, according to what I was told and read. Hope that was helpful.

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