Is Cuisinart Waffle Maker Pfoa Free? Find Out!

Yes. Ceramic waffle makers, such as the Cuisinart Waffle Maker, are a significantly healthier option than standard nonstick waffle makers because they are free of all PFAS chemicals, not just PFOA. So there’s no Teflon and no poisonous gases.

Nevertheless, ceramic coatings are equally nonstick and easy to clean.

Furthermore, infused ceramic (typically incorporating titanium or diamond) can outlast Teflon. These impregnated coatings are available on several waffle machines listed below.

Don’t you just love it when the aroma of freshly baked waffles permeates the crisp Sunday morning air? I do, but I dislike the noxious odors that accompany it.

Here’s why getting the greatest non-toxic waffle maker is so important:

Does Cuisinart Waffle Maker Have Teflon?

The same cannot be stated with “Teflon-coated waffle Irons.” It does have Teflon.

Standard Teflon-coated waffle irons generate vapors containing at least 15 hazardous particles at high temperatures…

This hazardous “cocktail” causes a plethora of health issues.

What’s the good news? True non-Teflon waffle machines do exist, but they are few and far between.

Is it safe to use Teflon waffle makers?

Not quite, and here’s why:

Waffles require a temperature of 350-375°F to cook. However, if you exceed that temperature and hit 464°F (240°C), PFAS compounds, often known as Teflon, begin to degrade. Then there are the hazardous fumes…

And you can reach 464°F (240°C) in minutes. Not good in light of—  Teflon fumes have been linked to hundreds, if not thousands, of pet bird deaths. In addition, human inhalation can result in flu-like symptoms known as Teflon Flu.

Furthermore, EWG tests reveal an “unknown number of human ailments each year.”

What kinds of illnesses? To name a few, low infant birth weights, immune system damage, cancer, and thyroid instability. And that’s not the only issue…

According to the EPA, PFAS accumulates in your body and can remain there for up to ten years.

In fact, PFAS is present in the blood of 97% of the human population!

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When does Teflon come into play?

PTFE (Teflon) is still used to prevent sticking in nonstick waffle irons and kitchenware nowadays.

PTFE is derived from a class of compounds known as PFAS, which are used to make oil and water-resistant surfaces… A first-ever achievement in the cookware industry—

With PFAS coatings, you might avoid using nonstick oil, minimizing your calorie consumption. It also makes cleanup easier.

Under high heat, however, researchers discovered that these coatings leak and off-gas chemicals.

Of course, considerable heat is required to obtain the proper waffle texture.

Which PFAS chemical is responsible for the majority of the health issues listed above? PFOA – which leads to the following point:

Is Teflon still used today?

Yes, but it’s constructed differently—

The EPA’s stewardship program requires that companies phase out PFOA-containing Teflon in 2010.

So, what did these businesses do? They substituted another form of PFAS for PFOA (the principal Teflon constituent)…

However, these new “healthy waffle makers” aren’t much safer. This brings us to—

A tiny marketing secret…

When looking for healthy waffle irons, you’ll frequently come across the phrase “PFOA-free waffle maker.”

This language gives the impression that the waffle makers are Teflon-free… But this is not the case.

These nonstick waffle makers are PFOA-free but not PTFE (Teflon)-free…

Instead, Teflon contains any of over 4200 PFOA substitutes—

What are the two most common alternatives? GenX and PFBS are also PFAS compounds.

In lab testing, GenX and PFBS have been shown to have negative effects on the kidneys, blood, and liver, to mention a few.

Bottom line: Every nonstick waffle machine carries risk. The term “PFOA-free” makes little to no difference. We require a PFOA and PTFE-free waffle maker…

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