Is Fiji Water Better than Regular Water? [Learn More]

Compared to other types of bottled water, Fiji Water is better for your body. Fiji Water has a pH of 7.7, which is within the normal range for water. Gas and other minerals that alter pH can have an effect on natural water. Fiji Water is able to be more alkaline than acidic due to its pH level.

The bottles for the water in Fiji are made in China, and the water is pumped from a 17-mile-long aquifer on the main island. Making, filling, and shipping a bottle halfway around the world uses around 1/4 of a bottle of oil. It is no healthier than the majority of American tap water. In addition to being a complete hoax, it is a brilliant marketing gimmick and an environmental catastrophe.

Although more than $5 million has been spent on marketing, the water’s quality is no better than that of many aquifers around the world.

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The truly tragic thing is that neither the government nor the Fijian populace on the main island has the resources or the know-how to access this pure water supply. Fiji has struggled with polluted water for a long time as corporate greed depletes its natural supply.

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