Is Fiji Water Good for Your Kidneys? [Learn More]

Yes! Fiji water is good for your kidney. FIJI Water is incredibly excellent. I would love to live there if this is how their water tastes.

Due to the minerals in the water, the ph is constant and the mouthfeel is pleasant. I would buy ten or twenty bottles simply to be sure to have them on hand at all times if Amazon Fresh didn’t have a limit on the number of bottles I could purchase.

The main reason I purchase this FIJI water each month is that I have heard that it supports electrolytes. Chronic kidney disease afflicts my grandparents. Additionally, they require potassium. Therefore, please refrain from saying the tired phrase “Your crazy Water is Water.”

Try to avoid passing judgment on others based on what you can see. I feel bad for everyone who had to experience a loss because of COVID-19. Let’s make the best of a terrible period in history by showing that people of various ages, races, and sexual orientations can coexist peacefully. We share a single planet. Imagine, as John Lennon once sang. I’m grateful.

I enjoy the taste of the water and only drink it at room temperature. But its silica content is the main reason I buy this water for myself and my boys. Aluminum is a neurotoxin that causes dementia and is so common in our food, air, and water, as well as in vaccines, that it slowly builds up in our systems over time. Silica aids in the detoxification of aluminum in the body. The water from Fiji is healthy for us!

Therefore, since they come from supermarkets and not a storage warehouse, buying Fiji through Prime Now or Fresh will prevent you from tasting plastic, heat-damaged food, or industrial cleaner. Water is only slightly acidic compared to totally acidic tap water, which gives silica a wonderful tongue feel.

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The Fuji vs Essentia debate. For alkaline, choose Fuji.

Over the previous three years, I’ve consumed a lot of Fuji and Essentia. Fuji is the best option.

The PH of Fuji is 7.7. At least 9.5 is what Essentia has. There’s a catch, though.

The pH is naturally 7.7. The essence ionizes.

It’s clear that Essentia is unhealthy for you because it has an artificial pH level of 9.5.

Not even mentioning the flavor. Fuji feels much more streamlined. It is quite simple to swallow. I occasionally finish a 1.5-liter bottle in roughly an hour.

This 1.5-liter bottle is being sold for an unbelievable bargain. It costs much more at local shops.

As an illustration, Fuji is currently my favorite water. Best taste and has a compelling argument in favor of being healthier.

Is Fiji Water Good for Kidney Stones?

There is no scientific proof that shows Fiji water is good for kidney stones. However, this water is good for a healthy kidney.

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