So, Is Sur La Table Air Fryer Teflon Free? [Learn More]

No, the Sur La Table air fryer contains Teflon. The interior is coated with Teflon. The three trays are actually pretty good because the top and bottom are covered in Teflon and cleaned up with just a sponge wipe. Since they are so excellent, I am hoping to obtain extras in case one is ever destroyed.

Most of the parts are plastic, despite the fact that it appears to be constructed of stainless steel. Aluminum with a ceramic coating makes up the oven cavity walls. Although it is not a powerful appliance, it can withstand routine everyday use.

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I adore this air fryer so much. It was a present, and I like using it for cooking. I appreciate that there are numerous accessories and cooking methods available. The fish was also excellent, not dry, and the vegetables come out crispy. The chicken is also extremely juicy and tender.

It is not very noisy and is quite simple to clean. I also appreciate how easy it is to operate and the touch screen. When you are cooking, you can see inside because it has a light. Additionally, the size is ideal.

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