What Sparkling Water does not have Pfas? Top 5!

According to the Consumer Reports survey, the following sparkling waters may contain tiny amounts of PFAS.

  • Chico Topo (9.76 ppt)
  • Natural Seltzer Water from Polar (6.41 ppt)
  • Bubly Sparkling Water witha Bub (2.24 ppt)
  • Poland Spring Sparkling Water (1.66 ppt)
  • Canada Dry Sparkling Seltzer Water (1.24 ppt)
  • LaCroix Natural Sparkling Water (1.16 ppt)
  • Natural Sparkling Mineral Water by Perrier (1.1 ppt)

Other products in the same analysis with PFA concentrations under 1 ppt included:

  • Spindrift
  • Pellegrino, San
  • Ice that sparkles
  • Schweppes

Sparkling water alternatives with little to no PFAS are preferable.

What Sparkling Water does not have Pfas?

Other factors, such as BPA-free packaging, sustainability standards, and whether the sparkling water is sourced from a local (as opposed to an overseas) spring, should also be taken into account when selecting one.

Due to these factors, we heartily endorse the following companies:

  • For Certifiable Purity, Antipodes wins!

This brand has the distinction of being the first and only mineral water in the world to be carboNZero certified. Antipodes sparkling water has a carbon-free journey from the source to any dining table in the world.

Additionally, it tastes great and has won numerous prizes for water tasting since that’s a thing.

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  • Castle Rock for Sparkling Water with a Sliver of Mysticism

Castle Rock is dedicated to providing “the purest and most natural kind of water as nature intended,” having been born from the pure springs of Mount Shasta’s glacier.

This naturally filtered spring water originates in Dunsmuir, California, and travels for miles through layers of stratified granite, gem-infused rock, and volcanic lava tubes before ultimately emerging from the mountain in vivacious streams. Mother Nature is essentially providing you with free water crystal infusions.

A side note: For those who are unfamiliar, many seekers believe that Mount Shasta is an energy vortex. It is regarded as a sacred spot by Native Americans as well. If you want to delve any further into folklore and tradition, it is also supposed to be the home of the Lemurians, a long-ago oceanic tribe that abandoned its underwater home and has been residing inside the mountain ever since. Whatever the case, this water has an otherworldly quality.

  • Wonder for Super Smart Sustainability

We are all aware of the negative effects of single-use plastics. They are useful, though, and that is the issue. Wonder is a new company that uses creative packaging to try to close the gap between convenient and sustainable hydration.

They achieve this by choosing metal over plastic for single-use items since aluminum is infinitely recyclable.

  • Waiākea

All of Waikea Hawaiian Volcanic Water’s products, including its sparkling and non-carbonated water, are PFAS-free.

In fact, Waikea is one of a select few bottled water companies whose still or sparkling water contains no detectable (ND) amounts of PFAS.

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