Which Water Filter Pitcher Removes the Most Contaminants? [See Here…]

Pitchers with water filters offer a quick and efficient approach to eliminating impurities. Finding the best filter pitcher, though, could be a little challenging given a large number of options available.

Which water filter pitcher eliminates the most impurities, then? The Clearly Filtered water pitcher has the greatest contaminant removal rate of any water filter pitcher as of 2022, with over 365. It possesses NSF certifications for chemicals and pollutant removal for 42, 53, 244, 401, and 473 water quality standards.

The water has a great flavor. No offensive odor. These days, I drink a lot more water than I used to, as advised by my doctor. I was delaying drinking water, but I was unaware of it until today. I like to drink my water instead of fizzy beverages since it is so nice. I’ve even given up drinking coffee. really simple to use. Even a girl can operate this system (ha!). Towards greater health, I’m going!

According to their most recent performance data, the Clearly Filtered pitcher removes the most prevalent and challenging-to-remove water pollutants, despite the Brita pitcher’s greater popularity. The Aquasana clean water machine, which is more of a countertop filter than a pitcher, is the closest to clearly filtered in terms of impurities removed.

Review of the Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher and Filter


  • The Clearly pitcher, which uses a dual-technology Affinity Filtration method to remove more than 365 contaminants, is the best pitcher water filter currently available.
  • The filter only has to be changed once every four months because it has an expected lifespan of roughly 100 gallons and a pitcher volume of ten cups.
  • There is a lifetime warranty on the pitcher.
  • The item is certified by NSF 42, 53, 244, 401, and 473.
  • When filled, the top reservoir can hold a half gallon.

The plastic used in the Clearly pitcher is medical-grade, BPA- and BPS-free. Your water does not become contaminated throughout the filtration process.

The pitcher has an easy-grip handle that makes it simple to carry when full and pour from.

Don’t worry about the pitcher taking up too much space in your refrigerator. There is plenty of room for your other food products and groceries thanks to its compact design.


  • sluggish flow rate The pitcher may need up to 25 minutes (or more) to filter ten cups of water.
  • limited capability. Only ten cups (or around eighty ounces) of water can be stored in the reservoir at once.
  • greater price than alternative pitchers. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for; the pitcher’s quality justifies its hefty price.
  • When pouring, the lid often slides off the top, which is another customer complaint. If you can keep the cover in place, you shouldn’t have any more problems.

Unfiltered water can include very dangerous chemicals like lead, mercury, and asbestos. Disinfectants called chloramines are used in tap water at the beginning of the water treatment process. It includes ammonia derivatives, which, depending on the amount consumed, may be dangerous.

Animal digestive tract parasites called cysts frequently show up in municipal water supply systems. They are frequently to blame for giardiasis. Water becomes murky and discolored due to particles of sediment or dirt known as turbidity pollutants.

Pesticides and paint thinner frequently contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which seep into the groundwater.

Do Pitcher Water Filters Get Rid of Bacteria?

Pitchers that purify water do not eliminate bacteria. In fact, since bacteria enjoy damp environments, not routinely replacing the pitcher’s filter raises the risk of hazardous bacteria.

Reverse osmosis and some whole-house filtration systems are the better filtration options if you’re worried about the presence of bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms in your tap or well water.

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Which contaminants are removed by water pitcher filters?

The kind, structure, and caliber of the filter cartridge that is employed determine the precise impurities that are removed from a pitcher filter.

A water pitcher filter should be able to at the very least get rid of lead and common heavy metals like chlorine taste and odor. You anticipate that filtered water will taste better than regular tap water when you consume it.

The best pitcher water filters available today eliminate bacteria, volatile organic compounds, fluoride, and other harmful impurities to provide filtered water with bottled water quality.

As a result,

In conclusion, acquire the Clearly Filtered if you want a water filter pitcher that gets rid of the most impurities. It is by far the best product available at the moment in terms of water purity.

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